Covid-19 Update

The club committee is working closely with Branch and SLSNSW to put in place strategies to keep our members safe in the upcoming season.  The season will officially start on 26th September.  All patrolling members should be hearing from their patrol captains soon, so keep an eye on your emails / messages.

Club Facilities:
The club gym remains closed, however, the boat shed and change rooms are accessible for members’ use, contingent on compliance with contact tracing, social distancing and cleaning requirements.  All safety signage must be adhered with to ensure continued safe use of club facilities.  Failure to comply will result in loss off access to facilities.

Club Bar and Sunday Sessions:
Watch this space – the club is hoping to relaunch Sunday sessions in October / November.  We’re currently working through strategies for how this can be done safely and economically.

Registration for 2020/21 season:
Registration renewals this season will predominately be completed online. Assistance will be available for those without internet access.  Stay tuned for further information from our registrar on this soon.

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